About Us

Thyme travel, the art of recreating any place and any mood through food, is an acquired skill. We are continuously honing our food prep skills and want to share our love of food with you. When Milady dreamed of making custom seasoning blends what else could I say but, "Yes Milady!" You can call me Mr. T, the thyme traveler, but my real name is Aaron. Milady's name is "Kind Lotus" but let's just address her as "Milady." 

We want our children to be kind and compassionate. For them, everything is new so they ask honest thought provoking questions: "Is this chicken nugget made from a chicken?", "How is it made and what happened to the chicken?", "Is it hard to remove the feathers?", "Do I have to eat it?", "Can we have pet chickens?" - young children when given the choice, don't differentiate between which animals are for food and which are for companionship. They love all animals. 

Yes, Milady and I were carnivores. We ate meat and dairy. Studies have shown that chickens live longer when we don't eat them. Doctors have proven that a cow would rather feed her calf than a human. We took baby steps by becoming "vegan except for cheese" and then "vegan except for eggs." Today we live a virtually free-from-harm diet. We share our home with chickens on our micro-sanctuary. We see, firsthand, how much effort a hen puts into producing that egg. It's her egg, meant for her babies. It's really not for us to partake which is why we brought "Eggcellent" to market so that everyone can replicate that classic breakfast taste with tofu scramble. 

"Farm" is a four letter word yet animals that are typically found there are some of the sweetest and most docile domesticated animals you could ever hope to find. That's why Milady donates 10% of her profits to support farm animal sanctuaries. With every purchase you give back to animals who have given us so much for so many years.